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Beniyam Tesla

I'm really proud Ethiopian has got such kind of system, well done. Developers get ready to do money!

Alemu Banega
AluTech, CEO

A great marketplace to find everyday tech products at discounted prices. Thanks Digital Merkato.

Frequently Asked Questions

This answer and questions are based on users query about us. Hope this will help to clear your ideas about us.

Digital Merkato is a digital marketplace that brings together a unique community of over million developers and creatives from around the world. Our mission is to provide the best tools and resources to help you build, launch, and succeed with your projects. We offer thousands of high-quality digital products, plugins, scripts, and more. Whether you are just starting out, working on a side project or leading an enterprise development team, Digital Merkato offers you the tools you need to be successful. We believe in empowering entrepreneurs to create meaningful projects and foster a community of creative problem-solvers. 🤘

Yes. You can customize our items to fit the needs of your end product.

Example: You could change the colors, text, and layout of a flyer template or convert an HTML template into a WordPress theme for a single client.

Generally, your license is not transferable. There are a few exceptions:

  1. If you are a freelancer / agency using the item for a single end product for one client. The license would in effect be transferred to the client.
  2. If you sell the single instance of an end product, such as a website installation. The license would in effect be transferred to the new owner.
  3. If you are using the item as part of an on-demand "create-your-own" service where you purchase a separate license on behalf of the customer for each individual end product they make. Each license would in effect be transferred to the customer.
  4. If you are a 3rd party purchasing a license to use as a prize / giveaway.

In all of these cases, be sure to point the client / customer / recipient to the license terms and delete the item from your own systems.

Example: You use a theme to create your website. Later, you sell that website to someone else. You are allowed to do this, but you then must delete the theme from your systems.

In simple terms, the main difference is that under the Regular License, your end product (incorporating the item you've licensed) is distributed for free, whereas under the Extended License your end product may be sold. 

If you're a freelancer, you are allowed to create an end product for a client using the Regular License and charge them for your services 

Yes. You're essentially buying the file on your client's behalf. Whether a regular or Extended License is needed will depend on your client's use of the end product. With both the regular and Extended License you are allowed to charge your client for creating the End Product. Once you transfer the end product to the client (eg giving them source files for the item), be sure to link your client to our licenses and delete the item itself from your computer.

Example: If you create a website for a client using a WordPress theme, you could give him the theme as long as you deleted it and linked to our license

You should not permit end users of the end product to extract an item from the end product. You should do this by technological means if feasible, or by other means, like in the user terms for your end product.

Example: When you upload your website template, be sure to not also upload the ZIP with all the source files.


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